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Lee Sagula, BBEC, EMRS

​Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist

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EMF's include electric & magnetic fields.  We also measure radiofrequency radiation and dirty electricity.

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What are EMF'S?


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When I was experiencing significant health issues including weariness and heart palpitations, we had Lee come in and conduct an assessment of my home. Lee did a thorough survey and explained all of the readings simply. After following through on her recommendations, my heart palpitations stopped and my energy increased. Lee is providing an invaluable service, empowering others to take control of their own health through simple changes in their environment.

                                                   Annmarie C.   Glenmoore, PA

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Lee Sagula



Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist
Bau-Bioloigst Environmental Consultant

​                           Since 2001

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What is Bau Biologie?

 Bau-Biologie or Building-Biology  focuses on Indoor Air & Water  Quality, EMF's and healthy building  practices

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