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6/15/16  For more and current information and articles, please now see my facebook page!

Now carrying Aqua Cera water filtration products!  4/16

Now carrying Austin Air air cleaners!  10/7/15 Healthy Homes Consulting is now an Austin Air air cleaner distributor!  Please contact us for pricing!

The Goddard Report -  3/18/15  A significant video with Sharon Noble providing info about RF liability now that Lloyds of London will not insure RF health claims as well as smart meter info.

The Bridge News Service - School Board's Left on the Hook for Wifi Injuries

ElectroMagneticHealth.org - 3/15/15 - Great report from a  retired govt scientist with a PhD in applied physics from Harvard ranking the electricity meters  for risk to health, privacy and cyber security.  Excellent information!

Emrsafety.net - A comparison of wireless device emissions to the scientific research.  Highly recommended!

Microwave News -  3/13/15  The RF-cancer story took a remarkable turn a few days ago     

Wired.com - Personal Cell" antennas on your home or business. More RF/microwave radiation on the horizon (literally!)

The new "uberization" of phone networks. 

3/3/15  Very excited to be attending an EMF training session this weekend with 9 other EMF specialists from the East Coast! I will be reconnecting with a few from my class in Sante Fe, NM!

I have officially been listed on the International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology website as an approved Environmental Consultant!  

Environmental Working Group - Does your cell phone case raise your radiation exposure?

Safe Tech for Schools Maryland - a coalition raising awareness on the serious health risk that wireless/RF poses to students and staff.

Glammonitor.com  02/07/2015  Wearable technology - new found health risks

NACST Press Release  - National Association for Children and Safe Technology - Feb 3, 2015 - 2 new studies with sufficient evidence that RF radiation causes cancer - request to make children's health and exposure to wireless radiation a priority in 2015!

Weston A. Price - a small, but significant study, partially funded by Weston A. Price that shows how blood changes when exposed to cell phone radiation

LE SMACKDOWN EN WIFI: A new law in France bans Wi-Fi in childcare facilities, bans all advertising targeting children under 14, and requires the use of hand-free kits to be recommended

Weston A. Price Journal article on reducing electromagnetic radiation from wireless sources

Weston A. Price Journal article, "Smart meters, not so smart" - an expose of the smart grid 

Common Law Monitor - FCC adopts new rules for more rapid deployment of wireless infrastructure

ProLog Press Release - CDC  issues precautionary health warnings against cell phone radiation

World Health Organization - World Health Organization (WHO)/IARC  classifies RadioFrequency Radiation as a Class 2B possible Carcinogen

Take Back Your Power - A must watch 2 min video showing changes to blood in 3 subjects after a 2 min exposure, 1 ft away from a Smart meter

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt - "Smart Meters and EMR: Health Crisis of our Time".  An excellent video.   Half of Dr. Klinghart's practice now consists of autistic children.