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Heavenly Heat Saunas

To receive discounted pricing on a Heavenly Heat Sauna

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We have had a Heavenly Heat Sauna for 4+ years.  Why did I chose this Sauna for my family?

Bob, the owner, has consulted with the Bau-Biologie Institute to make a truly low-EMF sauna.  Not just magnetic fields, but electric fields as well!  The saunas use metal clad wiring and each heater is grounded.  I have only seen one other company who also pays attention to electric fields, however they use LED lighting (creates tons of Dirty Electricity) and use Bluetooth and other RF features - major EMF sources that should not be part of a low-EMF Sauna!

In addition,  Heavenly Heat saunas are made in America and the heaters are not plastic or imported from China!  They use no glues,plastics or particle board whatsoever and are made for chemically sensitive people.  

We chose a combination model with near and far infrared!


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Px & Rx-DNA and SaticUSA Dirty Electricity Filters  - Aqua Cera Water filtration products - Austin Air air filters    Return Policy


Px-DNA, Rx-DNA & In-Line Whole house Dirty Electricity filters 

SaticUSA Dirty Electricity Filters  

Dirty Electricity (DE)  is characterized by harmonics or voltage spikes that turn an ordinary 60 Hz sine wave into a variation of 60 Hz such as 120 or 180 Hz, etc.  These harmonic frequencies are particularly bothersome to many and harmful to our health, especially the nervous system and to those with EHS or compromised immune systems.  Common symptoms related to DE are headaches, irritability, neurological symptoms,  memory loss, fatigue and depression.  Anyone can benefit from removing DE from their home.

What causes Dirty Electricty - you can have point sources in your home such as CFL & LED lighting, light dimmers, electronics,  solar panel inverters, variable speed motors, and many new appliances and wireless technology.  DE gets on the power system and unfortunately you will have DE coming into your home from your neighbors DE sources, even if you remove as many as your point sources as possible.

Fortunately, you can install 2 - 4  filters (or in-line filters for higher amounts or commercial buildings)  to "remove" the DE, before it enters the rest of your home/wiring.  

High Dirty Electricity is becoming more common on my assessments as there are more products/sources that create DE than ever before.

Our filters are a different technology than Greenwave or Stetzer plug in filters.  These do not "remove" DE.  They are capacitative filters that shunt the DE to a different frequency (frequencies that are not measured on the Greenwave or Stetzer meters) These filters also create magnetic fields near the filter itself and downstream of the filters.  These magnetic fields can be substantial, especially if there are existing wiring errors in the home.  (I find wiring errors in approx 30-35% of the homes I assess)

The Px-DNA filters and SaticUSA filters  are not capaciative but dissipative filters and do not create these magnetic fields.  They actually REMOVE or dissipate DE from the lines.

Call us at (610) 453-3736 to order or learn more about  both lines of Dirty Electricity filters.


Aqua Cera Water Filtration products

- Whole house, under-the-sink and portable products

When I did quite a lot of water testing, most times, results came back "normal".  That was not because there were no chemicals or toxins in the water, but instead because the standards are very liberal.

For this reason, I recommend that all water be filtered, well water and especially public water.  The "whole house" water should be filtered as you can absorb more toxins through bathing than via drinking the water.  Also, when bathing, the chemicals bypass your internal filters, liver and kidneys, and are directly absorbed.  We then recommend further filtering you drinking water with even tighter filters.

Call us at (610) 453-3736 to order or learn more about  all of the Water Filtration products by Aqua Cera.  


Austin Air - Portable Air Filters

Like water, it is prudent to filter the air in your home, esp. in rooms where you spend a great deal of time, e.g., your bedroom, office or child's room.  

We carry the entire line of Austin Air Cleaners at competitive prices.

Call us at (610) 453-3736 to order or learn more about  Austin Air filters.

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