​​Home and Office Assessments    $125 first hour (or less)  $105 each additional hour*


Measurements taken during an EMF assessment include:

Electric Fields using Body Voltage testing

Magnetic Field readings using a Gauss Meter

Radiofrequency readings using an RF Meter

Dirty Electricity readings using an EMI Meter 

Magnetized metal check (esp. metal beds, chairs where time is spent) using a Magnometer may also be included.

After measurements are taken, any high readings will be discussed and suggestions will be made to reduce or remediate exposures.  A detailed written report is included with the on-site assessment.

Duration of assessments vary depending on the size of the home/building(s), the level of interest, and measurement outcomes.  

Although Lee specializes in EMF assessments, her training and knowledge also includes many aspects of what constitutes a healthy space including Indoor Air Quality and Water Quality.  She may also make suggestions regarding these areas.

Pre-assessment forms  (This information will help save time if they are filled out prior to my arrival!)


*Payment is due at the end of the assessment.  Parking fees and tolls are additional and not included in the assessment fee noted above.

Additional travel charges apply for locations beyond 60 miles round trip from West Brandywine, PA at the following rates : 

$1 per mile - 61 -100 miles

$1.25 per mile -101+   



Telephone Consultations    $105 per hour  

This rate applies to someone who may not want an in-home visit or someone who is outside of PA.  

It also applies to someone who may have a had a home inspection in the past and may have a few new questions down the road!

Payment is by credit card only (no checks) processed at the end of the phone consultation

To schedule an appointment, please call (610) 453-3736

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