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​​Home and Office Assessments    $125 first hour (or less)  $105 each additional hour*


Measurements taken during an EMF assessment include:

Electric Fields using Body Voltage testing

Magnetic Field readings using a Gauss Meter

Radiofrequency readings using an RF Meter

Dirty Electricity readings using an EMI Meter 

Magnetized metal check (esp. metal beds, chairs where time is spent) using a Magnometer may also be included.

After measurements are taken, any high readings will be discussed and suggestions will be made to reduce or remediate exposures.  A detailed written report is included with the on-site assessment.

Most assessments take approximately 2-3 hours.    An assessment may last longer depending on the size of the home/building(s), the level of interest, and measurement outcomes.  

Although Lee specializes in EMF assessments, her training and knowledge also includes many aspects of what constitutes a healthy space including Indoor Air Quality and Water Quality.  She may also make suggestions regarding these areas.

Pre-assessment forms  (This information will help save time if they are filled out prior to my arrival!)


*Payment is due at the end of the assessment.  Travel charges apply at $1.00 per mile for locations over 60 miles (round trip) from W Brandywine, PA, plus parking and tolls if applicable.


Telephone Consultations    $105 per hour  

This rate applies to someone who may not want an in-home visit or someone who is outside of PA.  

It also applies to someone who may have a had a home inspection in the past and may have a few new questions down the road!

Payment is by credit card only (no checks) processed at the end of the phone consultation

To schedule an appointment, please call (610) 453-3736

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