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Your smart TV may not stop emitting RF Radiation unless it is unplugged, not just turned off!
While measuring RF in a home this week, I came across another Smart TV that was radiating at a VERY high level throughout half of the home. This TV was turned completely off. There were no lights on this TV indicating that it was "on" in standby mode, etc. The only way to stop the radiation from this Smart TV was to unplug it! I have found this often during my assessments!

Is your head near an outlet (behind your bed) at night? I often see beds (without headboards and bed frames) where you can actually see that a pillow is right next to a wall outlet. These outlets can emit high electric and magnetic fields.  If you are not turning breakers off at night in order to reduce these fields you can purchase a shielded outlet cover.
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Planning on buying a Home Generator in the near future? An important feature to look for is low THD or Total Harmonic Distortion. Most times you will see this advertised as a selling feature as it is cleaner energy that won't harm your sensitive electronics - many of you have learned that this Dirty Electricity can also wreak havoc on our bodies!

Wifi Access Points!  Most schools have Wifi and therefore Wifi Access Points in the classrooms and throughout the school, typically on the ceilings.  The radiation is worse directly beneath or near the access point.  If you are comfortable doing so, become familiar with what they look like and share with your children who attend Wifi enabled schools.  At the very least, they should avoid sitting beneath or near one in their classrooms.  They should move their desk/seat or ask to do so if possible.  You should do so at the office as well!

Unplug!  Routers, cable boxes, TV's and other products can put unwanted frequencies in your space as well as on the power lines.  It is best to not only turn these off when not in use, but to unplug them as well.  Many products are not truly off until they are unplugged!

Ground your laptop!  If your laptop does not have a 3-prong plug, you can purchase a grounded plug with a USB connector. Grounding your laptop will help to reduce your body voltage when using it. It would also help to use your laptop unplugged (using the battery)​

Keep your cell phone charged!  Many people with EHS do better when their phones are fully charged.  Signal strengths may increase as the battery decreases!

Flying soon? It is better to sit in an aisle seat - Magda Havas talks about this and I have also measured planes and the window seats are substantially higher in magnetic fields! Planes with Wifi also have Wifi access points installed in the cabin, typically inside the cabin wall above the windows.  Another important reason not to choose a window seat!     

Need a New Electric Stove? It is better to buy a standard electric stove, NOT an induction stove. Induction stoves create high magnetic fields and should be avoided if possible. Already own an induction stove - stand as far from the stove as possible when cooking and make sure the pans are placed directly over the elements.

Unpair all of the phone(s) in your car - Although I've mentioned this many times, I wanted to add that once you pair a phone in your car, it continually emits a very high level of RF radiation from then on AT ALL TIMES, as soon as you start your car. Many people assume it is only "on" or functioning when you are actually using the paired phone! It is like the bluetooth on a laptop, once you turn it on, it is radiating until you toggle it off!  If you must use a cell phone in the car, there are healthier ways to use the phone hands-free.

Symptoms related to RF from Wireless products - Common symptoms associated with radiofrequency/microwave radiation from wireless devices include heart palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, ringing in the ears, inability to concentrate, cognitive problems, and irritability.  These are symptoms that I see very frequently that can fortunately be eliminated once the wireless products are turned off, e.g., fitbits, routers, cordless phones, bluetooth, paired phones in cars.....

Cell Phones should not touch your body. On all cell phones, under settings, the legal section states that the phone should not touch your body. It is so easy to disregard this warning because to most people, this radiation is invisible - they don't feel it, see it, hear it, etc. Learn about and take a few really simple precautions. Use a special case, do not let the phone touch your body anywhere, including next to your head, turn off some of the antennas when they are not being used, e.g., bluetooth, wifi, location services, etc., use an air tube headset, put the phone in airplane mode if you need to transport it on your body, transfer the calls to a landline, the list goes on.... 

Remove your metal! I am going in to the City today to do an EMF assessment. I know I will be surrounded by EMR all day. In order to avoid any "amplification or antenna" effects, I am not wearing any metal belts, jewelry, etc. today!

Unplug your Mattress - Electrified beds can significantly increase your body voltage, unplug them while you are sleeping. Examples are Sleep Number beds, hospital beds, etc.

Need a new Furnace? - Consider purchasing a single speed or PCS motor.  Variable speed  motors create Dirty Electricity.

Reduce Blue Light - Research finds that blue light is damaging our eyes and reduces melatonin production,  Remove blue light from your computer/laptop using a program called  Iris.   I use the mini pro version ( $5)!  You can access iris via my website, www.HealthyHomesConsulting.com/affiliate-links.html.   Consider using Nightshift or the equivalent Android program on your cell phone when possible. 

Use Incandescent light bulbs - CFL's and LED's create lots of Dirty Electricity and emit too much blue light.  You can still buy incandescent bulbs at Home Depot (Ecosmart brand) and Lowes and they use slightly less energy than previously! (video on Facebook)

Magnetic Fields and RadioFrequency (RF-wireless devices) are now both classified as "Class 2B Possible Carcinogens"
by the World Health Organization.  The same category as Lead, DDT and other toxins.

EMR Research - Want to learn about all of the current independent research regarding health effects of EMR by scientists from all over the world?  Visit www.Bioinitiativeve.org.  

Dimmer Switches create a lot of Dirty Electricity. ​They should be removed and replaced with regular on/off switches.

Cordless telephones and base stations emit the same RF/Microwave radiation as cell phones.  This radiation is 24/7 and travels throughout your entire home.   I can usually detect a cordless phone on my RF meter before I even enter the home.  It is best to use a corded phone.   (Video on Facebook)

Protect your children. No matter how old they are, they will always be your children - protect them! As you know, a certain amount of wisdom comes with age! Despite this, I am told by many parents that they could not possibly tell their son or daughter that their cell phones, fit bits and other "cool" and trendy devices may be harmful. "All the kids have them, this is life now and these kids grew up with this technology". In a large sense, there is denial, esp. since these parents bought them their first cell phone, and they too use or have to use many of these devices for work. In fact, many parents are very proud that they too have kept up so well with all of this new technology! The science is out there - perhaps you can start by reading the plethora of independent research at www.BioInitiative.org Then, realize that there ARE ways to use these devices more safely and prudently. Be the first mom on the block to buy them a radiation-lowering cell phone case or router signal tamer! Learn about or make an appt or phone consultation to learn about more of these resources! Get updated - see the steps that are being taken by other countries and how behind we are in this regard! Your kids may think you are not as "cool" as you were, but some day in the future, they will realize that you were right, again!

Are Fitbits safe?  I recently had a client who is approx 70 yrs of age. She started wearing a fitbit recently due to a company health incentive program. While outside measuring RF/Microwave radiation, my RF meter was "spiking" quite high every 3 - 5 seconds. It was coming from the Fitbit she was wearing. She made the decision that day to stop wearing the Fitbit. She called me a few weeks later to let me know that after removing the fitbit, her heart palpitations have now stopped! Perhaps you are young and healthy and not noticing any effects while wearing your fitbit. It is not uncommon for this type of RF radiation to cause heart palpitations, anxiety and insomnia. Perhaps her experience will help others connect the dots! 

Unplug your Chargers!  Battery chargers, including cell phone chargers, create dirty electricity.  Unplug the charger as soon as charging is complete.  It is best to plug the charger in away from any people or pets!  Often when I visit homes, the charger is plugged in (without a phone charging!).  Many people also charge the phone on their nightstand while they are sleeping.

What is on the other side of the wall?  Check all the bedrooms and see what is on the other side of the wall from each headboard.   Is there an electric meter or appliance such as a refrigerator or air conditioning unit, or even a product like a power strip filled with plugs?  If the EMF source cannot be unplugged or moved, the bed should be moved to another wall!  Also check your office chair, couches or any area where you spend a considerable amount of time!

Insomnia - Although there can be many causes of Insomnia, you might be surprised by how many people are able to sleep normally again after we turn off all wireless devices, unplug electric products in the bedroom (and turn off breakers via a properly installed shut-off switch if body voltage is still too high), and reduce blue light on their devices, esp in the evening.   So many people these days don't even realize how many wireless devices they have in their homes (or that they may have to block their neighbor's Wifi, etc.)   - their fitbits, nest thermostats, Echo/Alexa machines, Wiis, apple tv's baby monitors, cordless phones, bluetooth printers, keyboards, etc. - the whole house is just filled with Microwave radiation and insomnia is increasing more than ever as well! 

Article - Why "SAR", the current cell phone "safety" standard, is outdated and insufficient   3/5/15



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